• SH

    We Provide Confidential Counseling, education and advice on
    wide-range of housing issues.

  • Bankruptcy Counseling

    If you are considering filing for bankruptcy to eliminate
    credit card debt or other types of debt, contact us

  • Home Buyer Assistance

    We can help you understand the home buying process and prepare
    for the requirements of home ownership.

  • Financial Counseling

    If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, we can help you find out whether
    you qualify for a loan modification and what your options are.

Our Mission

At Specialized Housing Counselors, we pride ourselves on being honest, respectful and straightforward. We strive to provide people in distress with help and assistance in any way we can. We are 100% certain in our capabilities and will know how to guide homeowners in the right direction.


Our capabilities

Contact us today to get involved with one of our Housing Counselors who will help you understand what different options you have, create a plan that will benefit your individual situation, and work with you to gather the necessary information needed.


Why choose us?

Specialized Housing Counselors is a group of home retention specialist who will work on your side to provide you with the best possible advice and plan for the situation you are in. With Specialized Housing Counselors you can be confident you are speaking to someone who will have you best interest in mind.


Take advantage of your rights and contact us now for free consultation!